Hi everyone welcome to the tips section. 

Here are my top 5 workout tips to help you get under way.

1) Set yourself a realistic measurable goal using the S.M.A.R.T. principle (see below)

2) Plan your workouts. Know what it is you trying to achieve during each session and for each week. Be prepared to have alternative exercises in case equipment is being used that you want. 

3) Be consistent in your goal and if you plan to exercise 3 hrs a week stick to it no matter how many sessions that takes e.g 6x30min session or 3x1 hr sessions or even 9x20min sessions- whatever it takes. The more hit and miss your training is the more likely you are not to reach your goal. If you need to miss a session due to work or family commitments, then either try to make it up another day.

4) Don't neglect the diet aspect of your goal. No matter what your aiming to achieve, diet can play a crucial role in helping you get there. It obvious to all that if weight loss is your goal, it won't matter how many calories you burn in that exercise class, if your still taking in too many calories your not going to loose the weight. If your goal is to complete a 5k race then your nutritional requirements will be increased in order to fuel your workouts and the race. This includes fluid intake as well. If in any doubt consult a professional for advice.

5) Most importantly, enjoy what ever form of exercise you choose. The worst thing you can do is see it as a chore...the gym should not be a torture chamber! If it is change what you do, vary what form of exercise you take...walk, run, swim, cycle,  lift weights. Mix it up to keep it interesting for you and keep your body guessing as to what your throwing at it next...it will thank you for it later! 


  S    Specific - Its not enough to say I want to loose some weight, be specific and state how much you want to loose!

 M   Measurable -  Can the result of your goal be measured, you can't measure being 'a bit' fitter, but if you want to run 5k in under 20 minutes you can!

 A    Attainable - Is your goal attainable.  If you struggle to run 100 yards to the bus stop its unlikely you'll win a marathon in a months time. 

 R    Realistic - How realistic is the target. If your aim is to loose 2st in 2 weeks...guess what, your gonna be disappointed! 

 T    Time based - How long are you giving yourself to complete your goal. Setting an end date helps you focus on achieving it. 

So as an example for weight loss, lets say a 39yr old, male, office worker wants to loose 1st before his 40th birthday in 10 weeks time. The goal is specific (he wants to loose 1st), its measurable as he can gauge his progress by what the scales say, its and attainable and realistic goal as an average weight loss of 1-2lb a week would mean 7-14 weeks to loose 1st (with hard work its easily reachable in 10 weeks) and lastly his goal has a time frame of 10 weeks. Perfect! a SMART goal!   


For those of you new to exercise and wanting to make progress, one of the most important pieces of advice I can give you is to keep things simple at first. For example the number of times I have seen people trying to perform a complex exercise such as a single arm shoulder-press whilst standing on one leg on a BOSU ball, is staggering. They end up wobbling about struggling to complete a couple of reps before falling off, simply because they haven't yet built up the core strength and balance required to perform it. So, please take a tip from me and learn the basics first, build that solid foundation before moving on to the complex stuff.