Over the years I've tried all the diets available, but they have just resulted in short term weight loss which I always ended up putting the weight back on....usually with more on top! So this year I decided enough was enough and it was time to do something about it that would help me loose some weight permanently! I've tried gyms before and always felt like I was the odd ball next to the stick thin, lycra-clad  model types which saw me quickly loose interest, so I looked for a personal trainer who could come to me. I found Fitness360 on the internet and saw they were close to my area so I thought why not! The service was friendly and the workouts fun....well as fun as they can be! So far I've lost 1st 4lb and although I still have some to loose, i'm enjoying the sessions and have so much more confidence and energy!          Wendy- Sittingbourne.
After a lot of banter and ribbing at work, I found myself  'dared' to entered in a charity fun run with some of the lads in the office to raise money for the local hospice. Well, i'm not as young or as fit as I once was and can't remember the last time I put on a pair of trainers let alone run in them! I knew I would need to some advice if I were to make it to the finish line, so I contacted Stuart at Fitness360 and after putting me through some assessments, came up with a plan to get me into shape. After 2 months training, I competed in the fun run and managed to keep up with the youngsters showing them there's still life in the old dog yet, and we raised just over £500! Since then I've kept up with the running, and at 57 have never felt fitter!          Alan- Minster